Sweet Drops

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Sweet Drops (Sucralose) is a Zero Calorie artificial sweetener. Sucralose is about 600 times sweeter than sugar. Sucralose Obtained from sucrose where three hydroxyl groups are replaced by three chlorine atoms. Because it is made from sugar, sucralose tastes like sugar. Tightly bound Carbon-chlorine bonds are exceptionally stable and prevent Sucralose from being metabolized for energy, making Sucralose calorie free. The chlorine atoms also provide heat stability, enabling sucralose to withstand of cooking and baking without losing sweetness. Sucralose is not broken down for energy in the body. So it has no calorie. The sucralose molecule passes through the body unchanged, is not metabolized and is eliminated after consumption. Sucralose does not cause tooth decay, has no effect on carbohydrate metabolism, no effect on fetal or neonatal development because sucralose is not actively transported across the blood-brain barrier, the placental barrier or the mammary gland. Sucralose is non-interference in the utilization and absorption of glucose, metabolism of carbohydrates and secretion of insulin. Therefore, it is a safe substance able to be ingested by diabetes patients.



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